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  • illy Milk Frother Review - or how to make coffee shop style coffee at home

    Posted on February 28, 2013 by ddean

    Photo of an illy Milk Frother

    Why doesn't home brewed coffee ever have the same 'pizazz' as the coffee you get from high street coffee chains? You use the finest coffee beans (we recommend these from illy) and carefully grind them yourself, but there's still something lacking...

    That something is almost definitely frothy milk. The problem is easy to solve with a milk frother. We offer the illy Milk Frother from the same Italian company that grind the fine beans we mentioned above. For just £64.69 inc. VAT you can be making coffee shop style coffee at home (and saving yourself a packet on all those expensive Cappuccinos, lattes and mochas you'd otherwise be buying from the likes of Costa and Starbucks!).

    Drinkmaster customer Monique had this to say after she purchased an illy Milk Frother from Drinkmaster:

    My partner purchased the illy Milk Frother for me, and that is when I discovered that the real problem with my cappuccinos was not the ingredients, as I was using the finest coffee beans Italy had to offer, it was the froth that was missing!

    The whisk based illy Milk Frother is easy to use and unlike some of the other high powered frothing machines that use steam it won't overpower a home kitchen.

    The frother has a sleek design that looks the part in a traditional or contemporary kitchen and has a small footprint so doesn't take up much space.

    The illy Milk Frother is as easy to use as a kettle. Just pour in the desired amount of milk, choose whether you would like hot frothy milk or cold frothy milk and flick the switch - that's it!

    The illy Milk Frother is really easy to clean. The internal surfaces are non-stick - you simply wipe them clean. You can't use abrasive cleaners or you will damage the non-stick surface - but the cleaning process is so quick and easy that you won't need to.

    Any kind of milk will work with this versatile frother (even soya milk), but illy recommend whole milk for hot froth and semi-skimmed for cold froth. You can even forego the frothing part by removing the whisk and just using the machine to heat up milk for your favourite hot chocolate. It's much easier than using a pan..

    The illy Milk Frother doesn't take long to work - just 1 to 2 minutes. Much less time than it takes to queue up at your local high street coffee shop!

    So go on, indulge your coffee shop barista desires and buy an illy Milk Frother from Drinkmaster and you'll be enjoying coffee shop style frothy coffee for years to come.

    illy Milk Frother features:

    • Sleek, stainless steel looks
    • Small footprint
    • Easy to clean with non-stick internal surfaces
    • Convenient and easy to use - add milk and flick the switch
    • Comes with a 24 month guarantee

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  • Drinkmaster hot chocolate comparison review

    Posted on January 16, 2013 by ddean

    OK, so we've got a fair old range of hot chocolates to choose from these days... which one is right for you?

    Drinkmaster own brand Hot Chocolate (Fairtrade)

    If you're looking for a Fairtrade hot chocolate there's not much to choose from. There are a few companies producing hot chocolates that are able to display the Fairtrade Organisation logo, but not many, and we don't think much of the taste of them! We wanted to offer our customers a Fairtrade choice so the only option was to produce one ourselves. Available in Drinkpac and Sealcup it is rich, aromatic and a boasts a sweet chocolate taste that's a pleasant surprise for an add-water instant hot choc.

    Drinkmaster's own brand Fairtrade hot chocolate is also gluten free, so if you're following a diet that avoids gluten, this is hot chocolate for you.

    Drinkmaster own brand Luxury Hot Chocolate

    Only available in Drinkpac, Luxury Hot Chocolate is a long-time best seller. There's no holding back on the chocolatey taste with this Drinkpac - we fill it right to the brim with our creamy chocolate recipe. If you've got a really sweet tooth, pop two Luxury Hot Chocolate Drinkpacs into your mug. Just don't tell your dentist.

    Options Belgian Choc (low calorie)

    Options Belgian Choc Low Calorie hot chocolate is the nation's favourite chocolate drink when it comes to indulging a sweet tooth at the same time as dieting. At only 40 calories a pac (that's less than an apple) you might as well have two ;-)

    The dark chocolate taste is perfect for sating cravings without overthrowing a whole diet. Available in Drinkpac and Sealcup.

    Cadbury Hot Chocolate with Real Dairy Milk Pieces

    This decadent hot chocolate drink is completely exclusive to Drinkmaster - you won't find it anywhere else. A unique combination of classic Cadbury hot chocolate with little chunks of real Cadbury Dairy Milk in it. When you add hot water, the Dairy Milk pieces begin to melt. Keep stirring the hot chocolate as you drink it and you'll increase the rich, creamy, chocolatey consistency as it gradually becomes more concentrated. The last sip is usually a lovely, gooey taste sensation and complete chocolate overload - you just have to be careful you've got it all off your lips before you head into any important meetings...

    Only available in Premiercup.

    Suchard Hot Chocolate Kenco Singles

    A less sweet hot chocolate than those available in Drinkpac, Sealcup and Premiercup - but Kenco Singles are a perennial office favourite and this Suchard hot chocolate makes up for a lack of sweetness with rich cocoa undertones that belie its 'cheap' perception.

    Mars Swirl Flavia

    This Mars chocolate drink is in fact a 'swirl' - that is, it's designed to be added to another drink in the Flavia Freshpack range. The obvious choices are the Flavia coffees, creating more of a 'mocha' flavour combination than a true hot chocolate.

    Galaxy Hot Chocolate

    If you've got a Flavia machine in your office and you do want a true hot chocolate, then this creamy number from the popular luxury chocolate manufacturer should hit the spot. Like the famous chocolate bar, but in smooth, chocolatey drink format.

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  • Happy New Year!

    Posted on January 1, 2013 by ddean

    Happy New Year to all our cutsomers and visitors to the website!

    We hope you have a fantastic 2013.

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  • Coffee - 10 interesting facts about the nation’s favourite out-of-home drink

    Posted on December 9, 2012 by ddean

    Many of us can't make it through the day without a cup of our favourite coffee, but once you've got your caffeine fix did you know it can also help you live longer?

    Recently hitting the top spot in a list of 100 food and drink products, it turns out coffee drinkers are improving their protection against diseases that include cancer and diabetes. In second place was the nation’s favourite drink - tea.

    It is not surprising that coffee reached the top of the 100 best foods and drinks because it is estimated that almost 70 million cups of this hot substance are drunk in Britain alone every day. That is a lot of coffee, and most of it is drunk in the form of instant granules dissolved in hot water. So kick back with a “cup of Joe” as we take a look at ten interesting facts about instant coffee (in no particular order):

    1. Instant coffee starts from the coffee plant (coffea arabica and coffea canephora). "Coffee beans" are the berries on the tall coffea shrub which is primarily grown in tropical areas (it's native to tropical and southern Africa and tropical Asia). The berry, which contains seeds/beans, is dried, roasted and ground to make coffee. This process brings out the bitter and rich flavours of the coffee.
    2. Who are the largest consumers of coffee in the world? The US right? Wrong! Although the US buys a lot of coffee, when measured per capita (that is, cups drunk per person) the US is 25th in the world! The UK is 44th. The top 5 consumers of coffee in the world are (from 1 to 5 ) Finland, Norway, Iceland, Denmark and The Netherlands. What've they all got in common..? They're cold!
    3. The average cup of instant coffee contains 115 milligrams of caffeine.
    4. Instant coffee goes through a remarkable journey from bean to instant granules. The reason for this long process is to preserve the taste and smell of ground coffee. In a nutshell instant coffee is made from fresh beans that are dehydrated into a granule.
    5. George Constant Louis Washington invented the commercial manufacturing process used to produce instant coffee in 1906 or 1907. He started selling it in 1909.
    6. Coffee is actually a no-calorie beverage. It is the sugar, milk and other additives that give a cup of coffee its calorific value. This is why black coffee is a popular drink amongst dieters. So pick any of Drinkmaster's black coffees and drink it guilt free!
    7. There are two types of coffee bean, the Arabica and the Robusta. They are grown in different regions and have different taste characteristics. The Arabica bean is generally found in the central Saharan region and the Robusta bean in Kenya and Ethiopia.
    8. Where did the name “cup of Joe” come from? Coffee has been a popular drink amongst American soldiers (often called GI Joes) for many years. During times that coffee was rationed, the soldiers would describe a "luxury" cup of coffee as a "cup of Joe”. Treat yourself to one of our luxury brands of coffee - Douwe Egberts Pure Gold or Nescafé Alta Rica for example - there's no rationing round here!
    9. Coffee is special enough to have its own holiday in some countries, such as Coffee Day in Japan
    10. Coffee is the second most traded commodity on earth - the only thing traded more than coffee is oil!

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  • How to make your own Mocha with Drinkmaster drinks

    Posted on November 8, 2012 by ddean

    So you got bored of our top quality PG Tips tea and Nescafé coffee, you even got bored of our luxurious Options Belgian hot chocolate; so you've been drinking Nescafé Cappuccino and Latte and cursing the fact that we don't do a mocha...

    Fret not! Here's a tasty combo that we often drink at Drinkmaster HQ - A make your own mocha that is a combination of one of our coffees and one of our chocolates.

    You'll have to experiment with the combo of coffees and teas and the proportions of each to find the mocha that's exactly to your taste - but that's part of the fun! Here are some of the things to experiment with:

    • The ratio of coffee to chocolate
    • Which coffee variety? Choose from Nescafé Gold Blend, Douwe Egberts Pure Gold and others
    • Black coffee or white coffee? - our white coffees with milk make a really creamy mocha that's extra indulgent
    • Foamy? - If you fancy a foamy mocha experience, why not try mixing a chocolate with a Nescafé Cappuccino?
    Let us know in the comments how you get on and share your favourite recipes.

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  • Dairystix discontinued, what milk should I buy?

    Posted on October 25, 2012 by ddean

    Dairystix milk sticks have been discontinued for a while now. I'm sure most Drinkmaster customers have already moved over to buying our standard UHT milk pots (if they weren't already), but for those who haven't, or for other visitors to the blog who aren't already customers, you might be wondering what the best alternative is?

    We sell UHT milk pots (some people call them "jiggers") produced by Lakeland Dairies. We've tried them all and our experience tells us this is the best long-life milk for adding to our black instant coffees and teabag teas. They are the best combination of heat treatment to maintain a long life with minimum impact on the real milk taste we all know and love.

    For an even longer shelf life, choose Drinkpac, Sealcup or Premiercup varieties that include a milk creamer in the cup or pac (in other words, any of our "white" varieties). Our milk creamer comes from Nestlé and is best-in-class - it's a specially formulated non-dairy creamer, designed to emulate real milk. It's the best powdered milk on the market and tastes particularly good with our range of Nescafé coffees.

    Buy Lakeland Dairies Milk Pots →

    Buy drinks with milk creamer →

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  • Question: How do I get free delivery?

    Posted on August 17, 2012 by admin

    Delivery is free for all orders of £50 or more (including VAT.) There are other delivery options for guaranteed next day delivery and delivery guaranteed before 10am. You will see all the options and charges relevant to your order as you reach the delivery stage in the checkout process.

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  • Looking forward to the Colombia coffee

    Posted on August 16, 2012 by admin

    I have just received the parcel of coffee; what excellent service. Whereas you all may need glasses at this end we only need cups! Looking forward to sampling the Columbia coffee and also to using your service in the future. Best wishes Martin (Middleton)

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  • Question: How many calories are there in my drink?

    Posted on August 13, 2012 by admin

    Everything you need to know about the ingredients is on the product information page for every drink. To help you see where the information is, here's a link to Batchelors Tomato Cup a Soup. To view the ingredients click on the Ingredients tab at the right of the Description, or on the Additional Information tab below the product photographs.

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  • Question: How is my order delivered?

    Posted on August 8, 2012 by admin

    Your order will be delivered by courier, so they will need someone to sign for it. It will arrive within five working days from receipt of your order, it's usually a lot quicker than that but please allow five days.The couriers don't deliver to businesses on Saturdays or Sundays. Sometimes they deliver on Saturdays to domestic addresses but we don't have control over that. If you need us to give the couriers special delivery instructions please send us a note about it when you place your order. If you've got any more questions about delivery, please check through our blog, or give us a ring on 0800 373 515.

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