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Monthly Archives: October 2012

  • Dairystix discontinued, what milk should I buy?

    Posted on October 25, 2012 by ddean

    Dairystix milk sticks have been discontinued for a while now. I'm sure most Drinkmaster customers have already moved over to buying our standard UHT milk pots (if they weren't already), but for those who haven't, or for other visitors to the blog who aren't already customers, you might be wondering what the best alternative is?

    We sell UHT milk pots (some people call them "jiggers") produced by Lakeland Dairies. We've tried them all and our experience tells us this is the best long-life milk for adding to our black instant coffees and teabag teas. They are the best combination of heat treatment to maintain a long life with minimum impact on the real milk taste we all know and love.

    For an even longer shelf life, choose Drinkpac, Sealcup or Premiercup varieties that include a milk creamer in the cup or pac (in other words, any of our "white" varieties). Our milk creamer comes from Nestlé and is best-in-class - it's a specially formulated non-dairy creamer, designed to emulate real milk. It's the best powdered milk on the market and tastes particularly good with our range of Nescafé coffees.

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