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Drinkmaster hot chocolate comparison review

Posted on January 16, 2013 by ddean There have been 0 comments

OK, so we've got a fair old range of hot chocolates to choose from these days... which one is right for you?

Drinkmaster own brand Hot Chocolate (Fairtrade)

If you're looking for a Fairtrade hot chocolate there's not much to choose from. There are a few companies producing hot chocolates that are able to display the Fairtrade Organisation logo, but not many, and we don't think much of the taste of them! We wanted to offer our customers a Fairtrade choice so the only option was to produce one ourselves. Available in Drinkpac and Sealcup it is rich, aromatic and a boasts a sweet chocolate taste that's a pleasant surprise for an add-water instant hot choc.

Drinkmaster's own brand Fairtrade hot chocolate is also gluten free, so if you're following a diet that avoids gluten, this is hot chocolate for you.

Drinkmaster own brand Luxury Hot Chocolate

Only available in Drinkpac, Luxury Hot Chocolate is a long-time best seller. There's no holding back on the chocolatey taste with this Drinkpac - we fill it right to the brim with our creamy chocolate recipe. If you've got a really sweet tooth, pop two Luxury Hot Chocolate Drinkpacs into your mug. Just don't tell your dentist.

Options Belgian Choc (low calorie)

Options Belgian Choc Low Calorie hot chocolate is the nation's favourite chocolate drink when it comes to indulging a sweet tooth at the same time as dieting. At only 40 calories a pac (that's less than an apple) you might as well have two ;-)

The dark chocolate taste is perfect for sating cravings without overthrowing a whole diet. Available in Drinkpac and Sealcup.

Cadbury Hot Chocolate with Real Dairy Milk Pieces

This decadent hot chocolate drink is completely exclusive to Drinkmaster - you won't find it anywhere else. A unique combination of classic Cadbury hot chocolate with little chunks of real Cadbury Dairy Milk in it. When you add hot water, the Dairy Milk pieces begin to melt. Keep stirring the hot chocolate as you drink it and you'll increase the rich, creamy, chocolatey consistency as it gradually becomes more concentrated. The last sip is usually a lovely, gooey taste sensation and complete chocolate overload - you just have to be careful you've got it all off your lips before you head into any important meetings...

Only available in Premiercup.

Suchard Hot Chocolate Kenco Singles

A less sweet hot chocolate than those available in Drinkpac, Sealcup and Premiercup - but Kenco Singles are a perennial office favourite and this Suchard hot chocolate makes up for a lack of sweetness with rich cocoa undertones that belie its 'cheap' perception.

Mars Swirl Flavia

This Mars chocolate drink is in fact a 'swirl' - that is, it's designed to be added to another drink in the Flavia Freshpack range. The obvious choices are the Flavia coffees, creating more of a 'mocha' flavour combination than a true hot chocolate.

Galaxy Hot Chocolate

If you've got a Flavia machine in your office and you do want a true hot chocolate, then this creamy number from the popular luxury chocolate manufacturer should hit the spot. Like the famous chocolate bar, but in smooth, chocolatey drink format.

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